A valentines story.

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Maria walks into her room, obviously tired and cranky. "Can I barrow you're new CD tomorrow night? I'm sleeping over at Melissa's." Trixie asks her. "No!" Maria replies.

"Why not?! It's just one night!" Trixie argued.

"Cause it's mine!"

The argument went into the kitchen where their mother was preparing dinner. "What's this about?" She asked. "Maria won't let me barrow her CD!" Trixie yelled. "First of all, it's borrowed! Second, It's my CD!" Marina yelled back. "What CD is it?" Teresa- their mother- asked them. "It's Nelly." Trixie said. "Well," Teresa thought "Uh... Maria, share with your sister. And Trixie, Your sister doesn't have to let you use her stuff." Teresa continued to chopping vegetables for their meal as Trixie and Maria walked back into their room. "Mom said you have to share with me." Trixie bragged to Maria. But Maria just smiled "Mom also said I don't have to let you use my stuff."

she said cleverly. Just then the phone rang. "MARINA! IT'S FOR YOU!" Teresa called out. Maria answered the phone. "Hello?" she said.

"Hi! Guess who!" the voice said.

"Erm... It couldn't be Kat."

"Okay, well guess were I am and who I'm with!"

"I give up." Maria said with a very uncaring look on her face."

"I'm at the park with Mark! He finally asked me to the dance!"

"That's wonderful..."Marina said "I gotta go. See you tonight?"

"Yeah! Bye."

Maria hung up the phone. Trixie came out of their room "You didn't seem too happy for Kat." She said. "Yeah well," Maria paused "You were listening to that?!" With that Maria chased Trixie back into their room and pined her down on the bed with her hands around her sisters little neck. While Maria was attempting to...