The Value of a College Education.

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Value of a College Education

The value of a college education is immense. Before I made the decision to return to college, I made a list of pros and cons on this subject and I focused on two main areas: the social and economic benefits. I wanted to finish college for a sense of accomplishment and a confidence booster. But considering the financial commitment, college had to mean more to me than a "feather in my cap."

Both the social and economic benefits are very important. I started with the economic reasons. First, there was the increased salary to consider. Earning a college degree will give me the ability to earn more. College graduates are said to earn as much as 70% more than those without a college degree. (Sargent) This goes hand-in-hand with having a greater chance of being employed with a desirable company; accordingly, I should have enhanced working conditions.

Currently, I work in an office that has little ventilation and no air conditioning. A desirable company should offer more comforts and conveniences. Another benefit-having a financial cushion for my future as well. Sought-after companies usually offer greater retirement, pension, or 401(k) savings plans.

Besides obtaining a career with a better salary, college will give me access to different types of jobs. I will acquire various skills that can be applied to different work situations, thereby making myself more marketable for diverse job settings and locations. In essence, college will prepare me for transitions into new fields.

Next come the social benefits. I feel that a college education will give me a better quality of life. I will have better access to healthcare, and decreased dependency on government assistance (i.e. healthy families program). I will have a greater knowledge of government and make more informed, intelligent decisions. I...