The Value of a College Education

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After graduating from high school in June of 2000, I took a year off before attending college out of state. At that time, I was only planning on going to college because that was "the right thing to do," at least according to my parents. I agreed. Soon enough, I left my home in South Seattle and headed to San Francisco to pursue a degree in vocal performance. I was doing "the right thing," of course, and on the road to fulfilling my parents' dreams for their children - to finish college and obtain a degree. Unfortunately, I never earned my degree in music performance. After two years, I moved back home, and although I had always intended on returning to school, it never happened. As a working professional, I have run into many roadblocks and glass ceilings. Because of this directly being related to not having a college education, I have found all the more reason to return to school and earn that degree I have been waiting on for so long.

I now realize how valuable having a college education truly is; not only to be able to grow professionally, but intellectually and socially, as well. The values of having a college education are, and will be, reflected in my ability to grow professionally, in my financial stability, social networking and family life.

I have faith in my ability to learn quickly and master the work that I do. However, I find that regardless of how hard I work and how efficient I am in my skills and abilities, I am also at the bottom of the list of employees at my company who are eligible for promotion and/or a pay increase. I never thought it would come down to not having finished a degree, but it did.