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The weakness or powerfulness of a country depends on the number of its school, colleges and universities and not on its prison and reeducation centers. The larger number of experts, specialists and well - experienced workers are formed by the country every year, the more powerful this country becomes.

The great English essayist, Thomas Carlyle regards uneducated men as mutilated beings. In fact, the uneducted men's outlook is quite restricted. They can see only what is happening before their eyes while the eductaed men can look back into the past and forward into the future. Take some examples to clarify this situation: an extremely ignorant man has just been appointed director of an import - export company. Since he has no minimum knowledge of management he can't know how to direct the business of his company and only in a few months his company has gone bankrupt. No sooner had our director taken over the company than he became a millionaire but the time he assumed the director position was shorter than the periods of time he spent in prison because he was found guilty of embezzlement.

On the contrary, men of great learning can have a far - reaching outlook on life. They know how to distinguish the bad from the good and their learning helps them to deal with their neighbours and relatives well. Educated men are always forgiving, unselfish, unbiased, righteous, patient with others and with themselves. They never let their animal instincts get into full play. They're always ready to bear full responsibility for the life - and death matter and welfare of their country. In other words, they lead a life of service and sacrifice.

Next, educated men are lovers of humanity, irrespective of all differences of races there may be.

We wish that the...