Value of Education, A college admission essay explaining the value of education.

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Value of Education

In Nigeria there are little or no opportunities for the medical field to advance its technologies. Unfortunately I was born there. To make it even worse I came down with a fever when I was one. I was so sick that I had to receive a blood transfusion from my mother. However, in many cases like mine, the circumstances do not end positively. Through my own experience of Nigeria's lack of medical care, I strive to change my country's shortcomings. For these reasons I want to further my education to acquire knowledge and be able to utilize my talent for my country.

Being the first African American generation in my family I have an obligation to fulfill. One may assume that to be a burden, but I happily accept it with open arms for it saddens me to see the children in Nigeria who are malnourished and diseased -stricken.

Further heartache, is the fact that most of these less fortunate kids can be treated with simple remedies found in America. From this I am haunted with the thought that that could have been me, and I feel grieved because they should have the same chance I have. Life should not be taken away from them before it starts.

I believe that I can give that chance and spark of hope to them by studying at Virginia Commonwealth University. The school receives excellent recommendation for one to attend to obtain a health and/ or science major. Through your school I can obtain my doctorate in obstetrics and gynecology, which I can use to change many lives in Nigeria.

There is a blessing in every lesson. I learned that one needs to use what they are blessed with to advance. I got better to help my people advance...