Value of Mission and Mission Statement

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Aim of The PaperThe paper explores what part Mission & Mission Statement play in success of a modern organization in 21st century.

IntroductionThrough the mission statement, the managers and associates in the firm attempt to clearly articulate their long-term goals and what makes their organization special and worthy of people's attention. According to Graham (2004) a mission statement thus expresses the values of the members of the organization. Haschak (2006) says that a mission statement focuses the efforts of all in the organization so that all are more likely to be "on the same page"; this better enables the firm to survive and to achieve long-term profitability and growth. This statement can then serve as a basis for shared expectations, long-range planning, deciding priorities, and performance evaluations.

DiscussionA mission statement that is developed systematically and is comprehensive is an invaluable tool in directing and implementing policy (Collins, 2004). A mission statement thus serves as a guide to top managers when they make strategic decisions on the deployment of the organization's resources.

Without it a manager may make decisions on the basis of one's biases and concern for "turf" (Foster, 2003). A clearly stated mission statement enables a manager to focus on the long-range goals of the organization as a whole and not on the manager's particular priorities or preferences. Such a mission statement also provides a sense of shared expectations for people in the organization. It is important to give such guidance today, given global operations and people working in different countries and cultures. Thus, the mission statement specifies values and goals and provides a unity of direction that is intended to include many nations, peoples, and generations (Murphy, 2006).

From outside the organization, one can view a mission statement as an instrument for learning about the goals of the...