Value Of Practical Work (Lab And Ecology Fieldwork) In Biology

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IntroductionAccording to Tahir Mehmood (2008), laboratory in science education plays a significant and people should learn and understand the value of their surroundings and the science behind biological problems they face. Learning outside the classroom helps people to act locally and think globally. Practical work in biology is an important element of qualifications and it should be encouraged. It gives students an opportunity to learn basic skills and work with concepts. Practical knowledge is important in educational reformation. Students use it to enhance research in biology. Skills gained from field work and lab is important for desirable learning results because of employment, scientific and research Tahir Mehmood (2008, p. 57). Through ecological fieldwork there is encounter of plants and animals in their real habitats thus helping in putting fun and enjoyment in biology. Fieldwork in biology offer chances for people to observe the real world. It is possible to teach biology in laboratory but it is difficult to get the ecological content of biology.

Fieldwork should be encouraged because it is of great importance to this problem. The value of practical work in biology lies specifically in giving students a better sense of real world processes and environments; it improves their understanding on the subject and affords chances for social interaction which cannot be achieved in class (Adey, 1996, p. 112)Value of practical work in biologyAs argued by Woolnough (1994), achievements from fieldwork are different from others and it should be encouraged because it helps people in appreciating ability of science to give insight to the unknown. It gives strong chances of producing data and practice of the original research in biology and ecology. Experiences of the real world offer students with a clear picture of science which is paradoxical and unpredictable Woolnough (1994, p. 92). It is the...