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The Value of Success Webster's Dictionary of American English, defines success as a " favorable result, gain of wealth, fame etc."�. Most people would consider Bill Gates, president of Microsoft Corporation, as a successful person. Due to his status, as being the richest man in the world, one may consider him as achieving the most success. A teenager getting his first job, thinks of himself as achieving success. Thus, success means different things to different people.

Besides wealth and fame, success can mean many other things. For example, a woman that was on welfare, finds a reasonable job. This woman used to rely on government aid, and now she is able to provide for herself. Maybe she makes only a little bit more now, than when she was not working. However, she is self sufficient. Thus, she has achieved success.

The success of a college graduate, is different from the success of a lady on welfare.

For instance, a college graduate that has not found a job with his degree, is not successful. Suppose this person gets a job with the lady that used to be on welfare. She considers herself as attaining success, where he does not. He is compelled to work at this job to cover his expenses. Perhaps when he was younger, he envisioned himself as having a different job. Thus, success is not necessarily measured by wealth.

A religious person that obeys the law of God, and wards of evil, is successful. He/She is successful because that person's beliefs or morals express success. Furthermore, if God considers a person successful, who is it that can say that the person is not successful, except God. Thus, acquiring great wealth may not mean success to some people.

In conclusion, success can be measured by...