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What are Values?

Values are beliefs or morals that make you a better person but only if the person puts them to practice. Values will differ from person to person and also from year to year.

Values can reflect well being. When you have high values your standards are higher, therefore, causing you to have high goals. This whole process makes people feel good about themselves. People need strong values so they can challenge their abilities and become a stronger person. Someone who deeply values school is more likely to succeed and become the person he or she wants to be. The well being will show when the person's values are right for them. A person will be happier knowing that their values contributed to their success.

Believing deeply in something is having value. People believe deeply that God exists; therefore, they would say they value God. Believing is a very important process to value.

Beliefs are what tell the person how important it is and also if it is important they will believe it. Beliefs are also what make a person sane. For example if a person had no beliefs, therefore any values, what would make that person happy? They would have nothing to work for of look up to. On the other negative side if a person did have beliefs yet does not practice them, what would make them happy? It is important for people to have values and practice them.

If you were to ask someone about values in the 50's they would probably say that values are one of the most important things to have, then not only would they believe that put they would also put those values to use. Now-a-days people still think values are important but are least likely to...