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The Search for Values

It is funny how difficult it is to look at the values that people, especially Americans, hold dear. Now I know this is sort of a strange statement, but allow me to explain myself. One day try this, ask some of you're acquaintances (complete strangers will work as well) to define the word "value" for you. Most likely you will receive an answer like, "Oh that's easy, it's how much something is worth". Then ask that same group of friends to answer another question, what are values? This time most of the people should answer with, "OK, uh, that's what you believe in". Now for the tough one. Finally ask them to answer one last question, what are their values. By changing this question just a little bit you have perplexed many of the people about you. When asked people cannot identify the values they hold dear, and I ask why.

Why do people (in general) not know what they believe in? Why do young people float around for years before they find purpose in their life? Well that's what I'm here to answer. From my personal experience I say apathy has allot to do with it. Many times people just "go with the flow". They can follow other people; they don't have to make a decision as long as someone else is there to make a decision for them. I would be a hypocrite if I said I was much different than the masses. I don't like to admit it, but I think I would have difficulty answering a question about my values, because I simply have not decided on which ones suit me.

I remember the time in high school when I realized that deep down in me I really didn't care about things...