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Personal Values DevelopmentAuthor believes that development of personal values does not require any special training. Values develop whether an individual likes them or not. Personal value develops regardless whether forced or picked up unintentionally. According to a web site, “A value is a belief, a mission, or a philosophy that is meaningful. Whether we are consciously aware of them or not, every individual has a core set of personal values.” (Posner, R.). As a 25 year-old, full-time working college student, he lives a busy and diverse lifestyle. Author also manages a nonprofit organization founded by author and his friend to bring awareness in people living in developing countries regarding health, education, and sanitation. Author believes his parents and surrounding has shaped his values. He learned from his surrounding and decided which values to keep as ground rules for life and which ones to discard or modify.

ChildhoodAuthor picked some very basic values from religion that seems universal amongst all religions.

One of value is never to lie except if the truth create problem or fight among others. Furthermore, to reinforce that value author’s mother used to say, “If one ever decides to lie he will have lie a hundred times to cover up one.” The first value was thought to be the one that will help with following values like never take anything that belongs to other with out their permission. Be respectful to elders and considerate of juniors. Respect teachers like parents because they are spiritual parents of their students. Procrastination was prohibited and everyone was supposed to finish tomorrow’s chores today. Getting up early was important to be on schedule that still haunts authors when he awakes at 5 am in the morning on Sunday.

Teen yearsGrowing up the author started learning about more specific values like beliefs,