Values of freedom and responsability

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"With freedom comes responsibility". This quote is one my favorites because I think personally think that it's true. With freedom you can do anything. Some of us may even take the freedom that we have for granted and do stupid things that may hurt us later on. I know that I have gained the freedom that my parents have given me, by proving to them that I am dedicated to my studies and allowing them to trust me that give a certain amount of freedom, but as I said before many of us take the freedom that we have for granted.

Some of my friends have a lot of freedom, I think even too much freedom and instead of being responsible with it they go around and do stupid things. These things don't only affect them but also their parents. Many of my friend's parents have even taken their freedom away and now they are the ones who make the decisions for them.

I think that trust has a big role in freedom... in order for a person to give you freedom they have to be able to trust you and depend on you and most important they have to know that you will know what decisions to make and which not too.

Even though sometimes we prove to our parents that we are responsible they still don't give us the freedom that we deserve. They may even force us to make decisions that we may not want to make and encourage us to act a way we don't agree with. In the novel "Romeo & Juliet", two teenagers are forced to make decisions that they don't want to make. They are forced to love people whom they do not love and in the end they are...