A Vampire Story Part 5

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Part 5

Chris felt something wrong when he reached the lake. Hanna wasn't there yet, and it smelled like gun powder. Chris heard foot steps. Damn it's those slayers! Chris thought angrily. He thought of Hanna, and how they could be using her as bate. "Damn!" Chris was going to run back to her house to check up on her when he saw Jennifer.

"Hi Chris. Are you waiting for some one?" Jennifer asked sweetly. Trying to look innocent

"Jennifer where's Hanna?"

At the mention of her sisters name, Jennifer's face twisted and became angry. "That's none of your business. I'm just sorry she's not her to witness your execution." Jennifer said with a smile as she said the word execution.

Chris knew there was great danger here. Chris moved two steps toward Jennifer, but then he realized his mistake they had put guns all over the place.

Chris was shot twice in his left shoulder. In a few seconds the wounds healed. He was guessing they were motion detecting bullets, there were certain spots that if you moved the bullets would not harm you.

Jennifer's mouth flew open, he was guessing she had never seen a vampire heal as fast as him.

"What's wrong Jenny? Did you and your stupid boy friend under estimate me?" Chris snarled and left his fangs go down. He could smell Jennifer's fear.

"Are you scared little Jenny? You should be." Chris said he watched as Jennifer ran off in a zigzag. He memorized the places she did not move in. the hunt was now on. Hunters never hunted in a pack of two or three, more like twenty and thirty. He had to be very careful, because they might have silver bullets. Silver did not kill a vampire, but it left...