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Art! What is Art? Art is the expression of ideas in some sensuous medium. And the ideas, in taking material forms of beauty, make a direct appeal to the emotions through the senses, Thus, the medium of sculpture is solids, the medium of music is sound and the medium of painting is color." Appreciation of art is the understanding, the awareness, the sensitivity to the work of the artist."(George, Lauren Kane) Vincent Van Gogh was indeed a brilliant artist. His work influenced and inspired many people. He tried to express his feelings through his paintings. Van Gogh once said, "there is nothing in the world as interesting as people... one can never study them enough."(Raboff and Peter) Van Gogh often painted people's expressions, their body language and in fact their actions. He did this for self-fulfillment and to grab the attention of the public. Van Gogh was a natural. He did not go to any art school to learn about painting.

Many artists start out by taking art lessons of some kind and proceeded to college and universities. The first time Van Gogh had anything to do with learning about art was when he apprenticed to the international art firm of Goupil, and the reason he did was because his Uncle was a partner. On March 30, 1852 a child was born from Anna and Theodorus Van Gogh, it was a little boy,they named the boy Vincent. "The baby Vincent died a few weeks after his birth."(Elizabeth, Lawrence Hanson 5) On March 30,1853, exactly a year after the first baby was born, Anna and Theodorus gave birth to another baby boy. His name was Vincent, the same name as the baby who died. Anna and Theodorus although happy with their son could never get over the death of their...