Vandalism and how it is a problem today.

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Our Definition Of Vandalism Vs.

Prior to beginning our research of vandalism we began discussing our own definition of vandalism and what it meant to us. The following is what we came up with for our own description of vandalism. Vandalism is the act in which one purposefully commits an act in which they either destroy, trash, wreck, ruin, or render unusable a possession in which they are not the rifle owner of. This would also consist of acts such as graffiti. Now let's see our definition compared to that of other legitimate sources. - Willful or malicious destruction of public or private property.

Old Dictionary - intentional destruction or damage to property

Webster's Dictionary - Destruction or spoiling of what should be preserved.

If you compare our explanation of the word vandalism to these other you can see the relation and how these are nearly the same meanings in different terminology.

To achieve the most random of results from our examination we handed out exactly forty-eight surveys. We did this so that there were twelve per grade and precisely twenty-four male and an equal amount of females receiving our questionnaire.

An additional unanticipated piece of information that we came across was the fact that just 10% of the people felt some sort of regret or remorse for their wrong doings. This is somewhat shocking taking into consideration that we found 28% have admitted to being caught. This means that some people still aren't bothered by the actuality that they have been caught and this isn't preventing them from committing such crimes again. This would lead one to believe that people aren't taking the punishments seriously enough, which is most likely for the reason that they aren't severe enough. If the penalty for vandalizing were more harsh perhaps people...