Vandalism in Langhorne

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Unsupervised Children Getting into Trouble

At first glance the small town of Langhorne, Pennsylvania seems to be a beautiful, well-kept, living environment. Those of us who have lived here for a long time easily notice the graffiti on bridges, spray-painted traffic signs, and gangs of rowdy teenagers harassing shoppers in the parking lot of the local 7-11. Unsupervised and bored kids in middle school are getting themselves into trouble due to insufficient facilities to occupy them. Therefore, the community should proved supervised activates and a facility where children can go to keep out of trouble. Not only will children be supervised and unable to cause trouble, it would provide the children with fun, free activates to meet new people, become more educated, and prevent severe boredom. With supervised activities and a place for kids to go, the community will improve, and have fewer acts of vandalism, assault, and crime.

First, the community should provide a facility such as a YMCA or a recreational center in which older teens and adults would supervise the younger children.

When the children are supervised and being watched, they would be unable to get themselves and other into trouble. If a child's parents are at work, have errands to run, or if they just wanted to go out for a while, the child would be left at home by him/herself unsupervised with nothing to do. Being unsupervised, children are liable to do anything to keep them occupied. Around Langhorne when kids are unsupervised, they egg houses, get in fights, and abuse drugs because there is nobody around to stop them. Therefore, if there is a place where children can go where responsible people can supervise them, the previously mentioned incidents will not occur under such circumstances.

Secondly, if the community had a place such like...