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Business with Accounting Report of HND Graded Unit 2

Unit code: H0J2 35

Unit name: Business with Accounting Grade Unit 2



Submitting date:


Class: GTB1101

Name: Chen Jinwen

ID: 135108901

Tutor Name: Jenny Zhang

Investigation Planning Stage


1. Planning

1.1 Personal assessment

I can organize myself well. I had separate folders last year for each class I had. I always come to class prepared with previous course notes. And I would regularly organize these notes in daily life. When I read these notes, my impression of these points is deeper, and some content of the notes will be used in my article. In the second and third year of university, I studied accounting course and financial reporting and analysis course. So I learned Business Accounting and Financial Reporting and Analysis, and I master basic knowledge of accounting, such as read income statement, balance sheet and financial ratio analysis.

In process of financial statement data analysis, this knowledge will be used.

I studied business culture and strategy, business marketing, so I also master some professional theories, such as Porter's five forces and macro and micro environment analysis. I can use this basic knowledge to analysis a company's industry environment and it is benefit to analysis of the company's financial statement. And these theories applied to my reports to carry out case studies. So I am very familiar with these theories and have a good command of these theories.

I am able to manage my time well and avoid stress because there large amount of work to be done. Because a lot of work I should to do, such as seek information on internet, library, read annual reports, calculation financial ratios. I have a timetable, and list what is the time to do something. . I am good...