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Vapd Year 12

Topic : VAPD working towards a body of work

Practice: Art making

Weight : 20% (10% Practical 10% Theory)

Date Due : June

Assessment Task Outcomes:H1, H2,H3,H4,H5,H8,H9

H1: initiates and organizes artmaking practice that is sustained, reflective and adapted to suit particular conditions

How well have you understood procedure in the practice of your artmaking; Have you organized ideas? Have you written an artist statement/ intention? How have artists, critics, historians informed your direction.

H2: applies their understanding of the relationships among the artist, artwork, world and audience through the making of a body of work

Have you given consideration to the conceptual framework of art. Have you applied and discussed the role of the artist, audience, artwork and world in relation to your work

H3: demonstrates an understanding of the frames when working independently in the

making of art

Have you identified and demonstrated how you have interpreted the world by adopting one or more frames? How does this inform your inquiry and represent your point of view in your artmaking?

H4: selects and develops subject matter and forms in particular ways as

representations in artmaking

Have you selected an appropriate subject matter to represent your ideas? Do you have evidence of experimentation with media, drawings or annotated sketches that show how your initial ideas can be adopted through the subject matter and forms.

H5: demonstrates conceptual strength in the production of a

body of work that exhibits coherence and may be interpreted

in a range of ways

Do your initial ideas and work reveal conceptual strength and meaning items of representations and holding a position in your interpretations?


1. You must submit a body of work

The development of your body of work should demonstrate a practical and theoretical understanding of art...