Various approaches to ensuring quality within Tesco.

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Definition of quality.

Quality is considered today as continuous trip for the organizations, rather than achievable status, taking into account fast ecological changes that are characterized by the majority of the markets.

The British Standard Institute has put a simple yet effective explanation of quality:

"Quality is the hallmark of every successful company. It is blend of good design, efficient production and reliability, which, once achieved, brings benefits such as reduced waste, lower overheads, better products and services and hence fewer customer complaints".

Chris Sheldon - BSI, 1992

Various approaches to ensuring quality within Tesco.

Quality Management System (QMS) is regular way of guarantee that the activities necessary to design, develop, and deliver products and services, that are fit for the purpose, are planned and carried out effectively and effectively. Systems like WIBI and JIT guide Tesco towards improved performance.

WIBI (Will I Buy It) is a continuous quality check used by supermarket giant Tesco on all goods by all staff from production to point of sale.

(see Appendix 1). This simple strategy of examination gives any employee power to remove products from selling chain. This method of constant examination means all workers at every level are involved in quality control.

Tesco has created each specification to a product, guaranteeing that products meeting their requirements, when customers buying them, by asking the customers what are their needs and wants and then communicating it to the suppliers. For instance, Tesco offers a wide variety of dairy products. To meet customers' expectations Tesco's criteria of specifications required:

1. Water and fat content, often set down in legal requirements.

2. Microbiological results - this has a significant impact on food safety and shelf life. However, the right micro flora can be essential to the products performance.

3. Flavour profile - It is as...