What are the various ways in which a person can look for a new job?

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There are various ways of looking for a job. The most frequent are the following:

Recommendation - From your friends or other people you know. People apply for jobs recommended or brought to their notice by their friends, family and acquaintances, possibly where these people work themselves. Ex bosses, colleagues can come in handy when looking for a job as they know your work they can always recommend to their bosses or friends. This a very powerful tool while looking for a job.

Advertisement - Employers advertise vacancies in papers or magazines, sometimes in special supplements dedicated to job vacancies, and deal with the job seekers who respond with an application or asking for further particulars. The job seeker can place an advertisement himself or herself, in which they usually give their qualifications, experience and the kind of work they are interested in, and then wait to see if any employers reply.

Labour office or Job centre - Employers report their vacancies to labour offices. Job seekers come there and look at the displayed vacancies on their own or with the help of a placement adviser for jobs, to see which would suit them and correspond to their qualifications. Then a personal contact between the job seeker and the employer may follow.

Recruitment Agencies - Employers use the services of specialized personnel recruitment agencies, which select suitable workers to meet the criteria required by the employers for particular jobs. Usually multinationals and other big companies use the help of a recruiting agency as it saves much time for the employers because the recruiting agencies screen a lot of job seekers and chooses a few for the Employers to look at, thus saving a lot of time for the employers.

Internet - There are many web sites offering jobs, structured according...