VCR Bob Vs. Monster D. Big-Screen

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Boom! I'll never forget that wonderful scared-feeling I got the first time I sat in the big leather seat of a AMC movie theater. Sitting there unaware that within minutes a twenty foot 2D dinosaur is going to digitally attack me from the screen. The jolt of this thought awoke me from my doze and, much to my disappointment, I realized that I was really in my living room watching a 1960's on our 19" curved screen TV; its analog, mono, sound hit the flat walls and just stayed there""no surround sound for me.

Monster Digital Big-Screen is the nickname for my favorite movie theater. Although it is over forty miles away, I would choose no other when it comes to watching an action-packed, throw you off the edge of your seat, digitally mastered, movie. The excitement starts even before I get into the theater. Just the feel of that "golden" ticket before the stub is ripped off heightens the experience.

Right after Monster D's employee tears my ticket in half, I begin my assent to the soundproofed double doors at the top of the ramp. Each light on the side of the wall gets elegantly dimmer on the way up, and with each upward step I remind myself of the stadium seating that gives me an unobstructed view of the entire screen. The walls shutter slightly, unable to remain steady under the constant pressure of air exploding from the 500Watt subwoofers mounted every twenty feet down the side of the theater. I can imagine that comfortable leather seat compelling me to fall asleep""I wouldn't dare! The doors open and all of my fantasies come alive.

Good old VCR Bob. That's what we named him when we first got him. Monster D. outranks him in so many ways but VCR Bob still holds his place in the family, and in the electronics world. Coupled with his "19 TV he still brings a smile to two-year-old Jacob when Tigger says his famous three words, "whoo hoo who!" When it comes to family movies, VCR Bob plays all the tearjerkers and sentimental movies. VCR Bob doesn't complain MUCH; albeit from time to time he puts up a little fuss and requires me to fiddle with the cords until I get out all the kinks and fuzzies off the screen. I've upgraded his speakers a few times to bring him slightly up to par, but lacking sufficient power, Bob doesn't come even close to doing the speakers justice. Bob consistently takes a back seat to Monster D. Big-Screen in features, but still has the better seat, mounted in our living room.

Many would think it's a no-brainer when it comes to the choice between these two electronic entertainers, but when it comes down to a choice they come out even. Monster D. with his booming bass and piercing treble create an atmosphere that hinders a family discussion about the movie and falls far short of a family get-together. On the other hand, VCR Bob lets us pause for discussion and those quick popcorn breaks for which Monster D. could care less. My conclusion is that despite their features and failures, both Monster D. and VCR Bob are great buddies to spend the evening with.