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Have you ever considered what would happen, if you didn't buy meat at the grocery store the next trip? Would it make a difference to many animals? Would it make any difference at all? Well, the number of animals that are bred and slaughtered depends directly on the consumer demand for meat. Every time we refrain from purchasing meat in a grocery store, we reduce this consumer demand, and ensure that fewer animals will be bred and forced to suffer. Is it okay to eat some meat some of the time? What would happen if everyone becomes vegetarians? Similar to the people who worked in the horse carriage industry that needed to find new jobs once cars were invented, our people working in animal factories or on farms would have to find another way to make a living wouldn't they? Do you think we have a moral duty to take animals' interests into account when we decide how to act toward them? Or do we just disregard any concern about eating or abusing animals and pass it off as the "circle of life?" We intend to address these concerns throughout our paper.

Animal rights concerning medical testing and consumption of animals in general has become a hot topic in the last few decades as more and more animal rights & awareness issues have entered the world stage. From a variety of backgrounds, groups have rallied to the cause of animals around the world that are involved in drug testing, cosmetic and experimental testing, and the general slaughtering of animals for food purposes. The most hotly contested issue has been drug testing where the development of potentially human life-saving substances is weighed against the life of these animals. This paper will show how recent scientific research has been working hard to...