Vegetable Supply Chain in India

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Framework for Cold Chain Implementation

Vegetable Value Chain Study

By: Shekhar Raiwani

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Asad Ata

Summary: As India gears up for benchmark production of 377 Million tons of vegetables in year 2021, high wastage poses a substantial threat to Indian vegetable Industry. Moreover, being an agriculture economy, farmers in India continue to live on meager resources for their livelihood. One of the keys reasons being the involvement of too many middlemen in vegetable value chain. These middlemen govern prices in market and are key decision maker in whole trading activity with little profits for farmers. Farmers add maximum value to the produce, but their share in total profits is not at the power with value added. This is further complemented by high wastages, which further reduce the profits for farmers. This research aims to define control points for implementation of cold storages, which will not only reduce wastages, but also generate high profit share for farmers.

Shekhar holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering and MBA in Supply Chain and Financial Management from Delhi Technological University. While working as Supply Chain Planning Engineer with Michelin tyres, Shekhar developed production plans, eliminated bottle necks in shop floor; did 5 years capacity planning etc, He was the part of supply chain team who along with other teams rolled out first tyre from Michelin India factory. Following his education at Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation, Shekhar will work as Regional Demand Planning Manager, APAC region for Barry-Callebaout.


Out of various channels that can be followed by farmers to sell their produce, the channel with least number of middle reap highest profits for farmers.

Two most feasible control points for Cold Storages:

Village/Block level: Investment by government

District level: Investment by 4-5 district level middlemen together.

Channel with...