Vegetarianism--The Peacemaker.

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Imagine that one has somehow transformed into the body of a cow. He is grazing peacefully in the beautiful fields and has nothing to worry about, nothing that can ruin the moment. He sees a truck in the distance, knowing that him and his fellow cows are going on a field trip. As the truck comes nearer, sheep dogs are let out to round most of the cows up, including him. When all of them get onto the truck, the sheep dogs filing in behind him, the truck starts to move. Looking around, he sees that all the rest of the cows are suddenly poignant, knowing something that he does not. Bewildered, he decides not to let them spoil the moment. After about an hour, the truck reaches a large farm. The sheep dogs bring all of them in front of a shed. A farmer is waiting there, and leads cows one by one into the tiny shed, but for some reason none of the cows are returning.

Soon, it is his turn, and he walks into the shed, wondering what is about to happen. As he looks around, he is startled to see heaps of dead cows in a corner and a pile of used injections in the wastebasket. The executioner is holding a needle. Frightened, he steps back, but too late. A feeling of coldness rushes over him, and he know that the inoculation was fatal. He takes his last breath as he blacks out, diminishing to the ground...

As Albert Schweitzer stated, "Until one extends the circle of compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace." Vegetarianism is not only a diet, but also a consciousness of other living beings. Humans are narcissistic, and therefore do not look at the world--but the human race--as...