Vegetarianism: An Unhealthy Habit

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Vegetarianism: An Unhealthy Habit"All you are getting from meat after all, is the protein converted by the animal from its own herbivorous diet". So Mathew Scurlly claims in his crime against nature; a persuasive argumentative piece supporting vegetarians, and at the same time rebuking non-vegetarians for eating meat and animal produce from factory farming where animals are treated with cruelty. He tried to convince his audience that a meat-deficient life is the easier, healthier life to live, and that the protein obtained from animals can be obtained directly from plant itself. This however, is a wrong notion, because eating meals that lack meat and animal products leads to health problems, resulting from deficiencies of required nutrients like: Minerals, Vitamins, and Proteins best obtainable from animals in their active form. This act leads to a complicated and extremely difficult healthy living. According to Liz Neporent in her article Vital Signs published in the New York Times, she reported a 1997 Michigan survey research that shows relationship of meatless diets and eating disorders, the studies was between 107 female adolescents who did not eat meat and 214 who did.

Those who did not eat meat were found to diet twice as often, vomit four times as often and use laxatives eight times as often as those in the meat-eating group. This result shows that vegetarians are facing a lot of health complications due to their eating habit.

Vegetarians will have a difficult time finding specific minerals such as Calcium, Iron and Zinc in vegetables that are most prevalent in meat. Since many vegetables are devoid of or have little amount of this essential minerals, vegetarians spend a lot of time and money searching for vegetables that give sufficient amounts of nutrients necessary. Without a balance between vegetables and meat products, there...