The Veggie Guy-very short story about a guy, a girl, a patty melt, and homemade pop rocks

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The Veggie Guy

As Carrie walked into Bruno's Ham and Cheese the last thing on her mind was Garrett Gunderson, but sure enough, there he was slicing some tomato on the white Formica countertop behind the Plexiglas sneeze guard. She stopped dead in her tracks as the door jingled to announce her entrance and quickly turned and retreated out of site. Did he see her? Was he the same obsessive guy she left 6 years ago? Had he changed? Should she leave? NO!!! Carrie pulled at the tail of her blouse, smoothed her soft brown hair and decided to face him. After all, she eats here everyday and he just started working at Bruno's, so if there was a problem, Garrett could go slice tomato at some other deli. She re-entered confidently with the intention of just saying hello if he spoke to her, but as the door jingled again, he was gone.

Did she imagine him? "Ah, Ms. Carrie, De ja vu!", Bruno chuckled as she walked to the counter. "Hey Bruno, I'll have the usual." "I know that voice", she heard from below the counter as Garrett lifted a tray of sliced cheese out of the floor cooler. "How could I ever forget that voice", Garrett said as he came around the counter to hug her. Carrie meekly obliged. "You two know each other", Bruno chimed in a thick eastern European accent? "Yeah Bruno", Garrett said, "this is the Carrie I was telling you about this morning." "The love of my life with the voice of an angel." Always the dramatic one, Carrie thought as she finally spit out, "Hello Garrett.". She made a point of not making it an open-ended statement. "Small world; 6.96", Bruno said as he pulled a kiwi-strawberry Snapple out of the ice...