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In the Book The Iliad, readers view the character Achilles' actions differently. Some believe that leaving his fellow countrymen was very selfish of him. Others believe he is a great hero who lives up to his peers' expectations. Some say he is trying to get the army to coax him out like a child would do. Then others think he is being the incarnation of hubris that is the highest level of all arrogance.

Achilles is the ultimate hero in the story. He had a right to leave and not have to fight because the Trojans didn't do anything to him. By doing this he makes a stand against the way things are and maybe that'll change the way others think and the way kings think too. When Achilles holds his position of not coming back when Ajax and Odysseus ask him to come back, that it shows how he really feels about fighting and he is not being selfish.

Then when Achilles says, ""¦But Phoenix can stay and rest the night with us, so he can voyage home, home in the ships with me to the fatherland we love. Tomorrow at dawn. But only if Phoenix wishes. I will never force the man to go." That little section says that Achilles is not being selfish at all. The only thing that might hint his selfishness is when his starts to waiver and says, "Then, tomorrow at first light, we will decide whether we sail home or hold out here." My view is not correct but it is not incorrect. Everyone has a different way of viewing Achilles' actions. Achilles is still a great hero but is starting to waiver and not standing with his decision. All the other views all have good points but he is the definitely...