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The plot begins in the coming of Jack's crew to the town.

When Jack's crew is arriving all the local officials and policemen see a demonstration of what will be to every vampire which will be found in town and he is arguing with the mayor and goes into jail.

Jack runs out from the jail exactly when the mayor forgives him and wants to hire Jack for cleansing the all town.

When 5,000$ harming the hotel with a party, a vampires' attack is happening until the sun rises up. Jack starts with preparations to the big battle and plans a plan. Jack's plan was to patrol the whole town and to capture a vampire which will tell who sent him, where is the lair and then to destroy the lair. The plan didn't worked out.

Jack and his crew defended more week of massive vampires' attack within the week Cherry Cat (a hired vampire hunter) loses his lover Annabelle.

After this week, Jack had enough, he decided to search the lair and to finish this business once and for all but finds his death by a rented killer named Ross. After a bar fighting with a vampire and telling the bad news to the priest, Cat and Jack's death witness named Felix begin to look for vampire's lair, they find a fort which the vampires lived in. Cat finds Ross and kills him. Cat made his promise to revenge Jack's death. -END- Character analysis Jack Crow - A vampire hunter who is described as all six feet - two of muscle, resolve and mean.

He believes in god but he doesn't understand him.

The leader of the crew which came to slay vampires in a small Indiana town.

He is rude and violent; you may conclude it by reading his sentences that come from his mouth.

He solves problems and issues by the power of the arm.

He is energetic; the entire plot he does things, even while he sits in jail he will to try to run instead of sitting.

He has leadership skills; guides his crew what to do, plans how to take over the vampires' lair.

He Afraid to ask for help; when he ran out from jail, he thought how to run, not "why my crew haven't came to rescue me".

He sticks to his target; never surrenders.

Killed by a rented killer named Ross when he was drunk.