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Introduction Company Profile Diamonds International is a multinational organization in the diamond exploration and mining business. The company is involved in locating diamond resources, mining, and the initial cutting, or "trimming" of the diamonds. Once this is done, the diamonds are sold through the headquarters office and distributed to our customers from the branch headquarter locations. Most mining Diamonds International has developed worldwide offices, subsidiaries, and partnerships that are headquartered in New York City. Branch locations include China, India, Botswana, Venezuela, and several countries in South Africa. The Venezuelan subsidiary is the newest acquistion.

Diamonds International has several divisions under the corporate structure. The Executive Division consists of the CEO, Vice President of Operations, Vice President of The Sales and Marketing Division is headed by the Vice President of Sales of Marketing. A Budget Manager works closely with this Vice President. The Venezuelan branch and the branches in South Africa have Marketing Representatives.

The Valuation Division is composed of all the appraisers at each location.

Headquarters mandates that all other locations are fundamentally run by the same policies. However, many policies are altered since traditions and tendencies of local cultures often influence productivity. The policies that may be altered relate to punctuality, work effort, and salary, among others1. All extensions of Diamonds International are subject to random inspections by headquarters.

Foreign subsidiaries and partnerships are Diamonds International source of diamonds. Some mines are located underground while others are open pits. In most cases the diamonds are stored at these locations as well as inspected for value. The diamonds from Diamonds International are used to make jewelry and industrial equipment.

Country Profile Venezuela emerged from the collapse of Gran Colombia in 1830. Venezuela was governed by military strongmen, who allowed some social reforms and prompted the oil industry. Christopher Columbus was...