Verbal Violence V.s. Physical Violence

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Does verbal violence hurt as much as physical violence? Hurt is a feeling that is hard to describe, it is many feelings combined. Hurt is the feeling of neglect, betrayal and abuse. Hurt is the feeling of rage and distrust all in one.

Verbal violence can usually have a long lasting effect on a person than physical violence. Verbal violence is a hostile language that hurts the victim intentionally. There is a common reaction towards the verbal violence; because there are no visual signs on the body, it is like nothing really happened.

Verbal violence can be just as dangerous as physical violence. When you are hurt by words, the pain the person causes is real and its effects are dangerous and important. Feelings of being abuse verbally are one of the hardest aspects of a teenager's life to deal with, and it became more unbearable when it is done in front of other people.

The shame, the anger, the frustration, the sadness are some of the feelings that the listener will feel and there is nothing else that matters. All of your energy is focus on that one problem and at that moment you would do anything to help stop the pain.

We have to consider verbal violence because it will eventually lead to physical violence. People don't just start hitting people, first there has to be verbal violence before the physical aggression occurs.

Teenagers will use verbal violence more often because it is considered to be a harmless act and there is no school rule indicating the consequence of it. Every teenager knows that if they use physical violence, they will be expelled, but no harsh punishment will happen for the use of verbal violence.

We can't forget that verbal violence is made intentionally by the speaker whose goal is for the listener to hear it and get hurt by it.

Verbal violence is a huge aspect towards teenagers and dealing with it from an early age can help prevent future abuse. Physical abuse only lasts a few days, or until the bruises heals; however, verbal violence can and often does last a lifetime.