"The Vermont Teddy Bear Co., Inc.: Challenges Facing a New CEO". develop both an EFAS (External Factors Analysis Summary) Table and an IFAS (Internal Factors Analysis Summary Table).

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External Factors

*Larger manufacturing facility

*Bear Grams

*Retail stores

*Distribution Methods

*Disney /Patents, Trademarks, and licenses

*Competitors (chocolates, flowers, and greeting cards)

*Small Village Teddy Bear Common

*Production and Service

*Made in America

Planning for the future of Vermont Teddy Bear Co. Inc it is important that we consider conditions/trends in the internal environment of the company that may impact the future success of the company. These factors (conditions/trends) involve financial resources, human resources, the quality of products and services provided, the efficiency of internal processes, student and stakeholder satisfaction, and the company culture. Specification of these factors will allow us to: 1) identify their potential impact on the market; 2) assess the probability that they will continue; 3) categorize them as strengths or challenges; 4) rank them in terms of importance; and 5) develop plans to take advantage of the strengths and respond to the challenges.

The External factors

Larger manufacturing facility will enable the company to produce bears in bulk and to enter into larger sales agreements with retail establishments.

Bear Grams was the reason the company became successful. They tried to change their way of doing business by relying on retail sales. Retail stores are needed to be in the consumer minds but this strategy failed. The company needs to stay focused on Bear Grams. The Vermont Bear Co. needs to stay consistent on it Distribution Methods by staying with the delivery service, and retail stores and producing new way to distribute by using the internet. Walt Disney was infringing on its trademark by say Pooh-Grams. This was very similar to Bear-Grams in name and logo. Vermont Teddy entered into an agreement to resolve its dispute with Walt Disney. This action protected Vermont Teddy from infringement and also showed other companies that they would take any...