"The Veronian Letter"

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To my dearest Ally Romeo,

I have caught wind of the trouble brewing in the Kingdom of Verona, though the unvanquished truth is corrupted as it travels, tongue to tongue. I believe me to be valid if is say that thou art banished from your nest of Verona. I also have news that the verification of such punishment is that you have slain our most mortal enemies, Tybalt.

Cursed be the Capulets for they got what was due them. However, your prince is just and merciful considering the circumstances.

I have received more word from a reliable friend who labors in the chambers of the very house of Capulet, as the wet nurse for none other than the daughter of the old bastard, Juliet! I hear the sounds of bitter-sweet wedding bells ringing from a small cell in the church in Verona! Why dost this news reach my ears by a secondary source, rather than my dearest friend the cursed lucky bridegroom?! Most Congratulations to you comrade, but prepare for the imminent tempest this is plotting its next gale.

Romeo, thou may be wed but thou art a fool for marrying as a babe, and thou art an idiot for marrying one! Even more foolish you be for knotting with the apple of our hated adversary's eye. If you hope that this will bind the two families, your hopes are futile, for all you create is cacophony and death. Both your lives are ended and perhaps even the lives of your kin and the kin of your spouse. Thou art not yet 14 of age and you claim to love! Is that love not as deep as a puddle and as lusty as the town brothel?! Boy, thou art idiotic if thou dost not know that true love, love...