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Aluminum. Less spillage or breakage, ease of storage at home or when people travel, maintenance of soft drink carbonation, ease of lithograph and ease of recycling, aluminum production is one of the modern era's great economic stories. The world's primary aluminium industry produces over 23 millions ton of aluminium metal per year. The most important markets for aluminium products are the transport, building and packaging sectors, however aluminium also finds application in electrical and mechanical engineering, office equipment, domestic appliances, lighting, chemistry and pharmaceuticals. The United States' aluminum industry is the world's largest, annually producing about $39.1 billion in products and exports. U.S. companies are the largest single producer of primary aluminum. The U.S. industry operates over 300 plants in 35 states , produces more than 23 billion pounds of metal annually and employs over 145,000. Aluminum is one of the few products and industries left in America that truly impacts every community in the country, either through physical plants and facilities, recycling, heavy industry, or consumption of consumer goods.

The aluminum industry's performance is noteworthy, particularly in light of the proliferation of alternative materials and global competition. Transportation represents the largest market for aluminum in the United States. In 2000, transportation accounted for 32.5 percent of all US shipments. In 2000, containers and packaging ranked second to transportation with 20.4 percent of the market, thanks to shipments of 4,992 millions of pounds in products such as beverage cans, food containers, and household and institutional foil. Nearly seven billion aluminum foil containers are produced every year for a variety of uses that make our lives easier. Recycling is a critical component of the industry, both from its contributions to the environment and because of the favorable economic impact on production. This dual benefit is probably the reason aluminum beverage cans...