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First half of Act One


It is after sunset and a make-shift, homemade stage stands in the outdoor setting of Sorin's provincial, Russian estate and farm. A lake serves as natural scenery behind the stage. Workers including Yakov are banging nails into the stage, behind a curtain. Medvedenko and Masha enter this back lawn of Sorin's property. Medvedenko and Masha debate about what makes people happy in relation to finances. Medvedenko believes he'd be a happier man and a more attractive suitor to Masha if he had more money. Masha is fixated on her love for Treplev and does not agree. She thinks poverty would be fine if she could have Treplev's love. Masha observes that Treplev's play will begin soon. Medvedenko agrees and introduces to the audience the information that their neighbor, Nina, will star in the play. Medvedenko compares Treplev and Nina's love, which he predicts will soon be unified by artistic expression to the unconnected relationship between himself and Masha. He does not know Masha loves Treplev. Snorting snuff, Masha openly acknowledges that she knows Medvedenko loves her but explains that she cannot love him back.

Though Chekhov does not break the play into official scenes, the next conversation, between Sorin and Treplev, is, for the most part, a two-person scene as well. Treplev is nervous and busy getting things ready for the first performance of his play. Sorin tries to describe the strange feelings she has while living in the countryside, including strange sleeping patterns. Treplev scolds Masha and Medvedenko for being at the play before he is ready. Sorin asks Masha to have her father tie up the dogs. She refuses, even though Sorin told her that their barking keeps his sister, Arkadina awake all night. Sorin complains about his old age and...