A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings Analysis, Interpretation, Symbolism, Imagery

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A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings InterpretationMy symbolic item is my 1966 Chevrolet El Camino. It is symbolic to me because it is my dream car, which was given to me by my grandpa. I hope to fully restore it in the summer after college before I go to the military. This car means so much to me because he has owned it ever since he was a young man and in the military. He even has the first owner's manual that came with it. My El Camino symbolizes freedom, responsibility, and the example of good consequences for completing college.

In “A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings” (Marquez), there seems to be layers upon layers of amazing symbolism and imagery. The first of the symbolism in Marquez's work comes from thefourth paragraph. The priest comes out to examine the old man and finds that “the back side of his wings was strewn with parasites” This means to me, that the parasites represent humanity feeding off of God.

The fact that the parasites were on the back of his wings, and not the front, also symbolizes that humans tend to be ashamed of their deeds of being parasites, even though they do it readily.

The second most creative symbolism seems to be when “Elisenda, her spine all twisted from sweeping up so much marketplace trash, then got the idea of fencing in the yard and charging five cents admission to see the angel.” The act of exploiting the angel seems to correlate directly to the act of humanity exploiting Christianity for their own good. The Catholic church during the middle ages keeping known humanity in the dark to have supreme power, The collecting of perhaps too much from the collection plate by priests, or the Catholic...