Very Short Story - Search for a Limit

Essay by lizzy2OO6 July 2006

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The clock struck 8 as I put the leather belt and silver rings into a big paper bag. It's hard to confess, but I sure was nervous about the party. I wondered if Randy would like the present, and if tonight was going to be as crazy as the one last week.

When I arrived at Randy's house, the music was already on full volume and people were already dancing enthusiastically. Beers were put out on the tables and everything was perfect for the night. I joined in the party after saying a quick hello to Randy and gave him the present.

The party still continued when I left the house. I thought the time was late enough and that I was drunk enough to let my parents get mad at me.

The night outside was pitch-black dark when I walked onto the front steps of my house. The smell of the new-painted doors made me want to vomit even more after drinking so much beer at the party. I walked into the house without taking my shoes off and slammed the door behind me so hard that the sound echoed through the house until it bounced off the last wall into the open air. I stood still and waited for my parents to come and yell at me for getting drunk so often, but instead, I heard mum call from her bedroom to tell me that there was leftover food in the oven. I was going mad. Why wouldn't my parents give me a limit? I've been coming home drunk for so many days in row now, but they still have not shown any aggression. I was confused. Was it that they didn't care? Or was it that they loved me too much? I felt the...