This is a very subjective and detailed biography on Adolf Hitler.

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One of the most terrifying men in the world had the funniest last name, Shicklegruber! Hitler was born into a poor peasant family and died one of the greatest horrors of all time. Hitler's father Alois and mother Klara had 5 children including Adolf,

There was Paula, Gustav, Ida, Otto, and Edmund. But only Hitler and Paula survived the childhood illness's that took the other siblings away. He also had one step-brother and one step-sister, who were both from his father previous marriage. As his father began to age, he retired from the army and got a hefty civil service pension. As Hitler grew, so did his ambitions. He quit school and went on to become a soldier like his father. After fighting and losing again, he felt so ashamed. So he moved out of his home town to Vienna when he becomes interested in art. While in Vienna, he applies to go to art school, but gets rejected since he did not finish school.

When he returns home he tried to be recruited as an Austrian soldier for the 1st world war. Hitler quickly escapes into Germany and becomes a 1st lieutenant. When he was promoted to corporal in 1916, he was shot in the thigh when under cover for the "cheaps" to say that they were against the revolution. When in Munich recovering he was given the assignment to attack the Ludendorff Spring Offensive. When attempting the mission, Hitler's men and he were blinded with a chlorine gas attack. So he was sent back to Munich once again with temporary blindness, found out that Germany signed the treaty of Versailles. He and all the other German nationalists were calling their government "November criminals".