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Marketing Management

Project about "Vestas"

What strategies should Vestas use in order to stay the market leader in the future?

Class 5x (Group 2)

Project authors:

Fanyu Tang

Zhangwei Vivi

Pavel Čech

Magda Rákócziová

Satinder Kaur Pancia

Karl-Anders Tammes

Table of contents

1. Executive summary 3

2. Introduction 5

3. Problem statement 6

4. Delimitations 7

5. Methods 8

6. Analyses 10

PEST analysis 10

Porter's Five-Forces Analysis 13

Swot analysis 16

4 P's 17

7. Business model 21

8. Supply Chain Management 27

Vestas Strategy 27

9. Benchmarking 32

Analysis of competitors 32

Benchmarking - Vestas vs. Sinovel 34

10. Conclusion 38

11. References 40

12. Content of tables 41

13. Content of figures 42

14. Appendix 43

Executive summary

This project is about marketing challenges of Vestas. There are many new competitors on the market and Vestas is losing its market share. To find a solution to keep up with the changing market conditions we have used analyses, methods and models to give our professional opinions and suggestions for improvements in the company.

Many internal and external analyses were used.

Methods, analysis and theories used in the project are as follow:

PEST analysis

Porter's five forces

SWOT analysis

4 P's

Business Model

Supply chain analysis

Analysis of competitors and benchmarking

As the wind power is politically discussed we can see it as an opportunity in big countries and unions as USA and EU .National incentive programs are a good opportunity for Vestas. They are large-scale contracts what could really help the company. In many countries there is a social trend for ecological energy and this could be used to influence governments politically to be economically friendly. Vestas could concentrate on countries that are unable to meet the ecological energy production limits, which could be possible customers in the...