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The office is very welcoming. The people here are extremely nice. They seem to very team oriented. They all get along with each other and focus on teamwork. They have fun while working which makes working there more enjoyable.

They had a man come in with a pregnant dog who got hit by a car. He wouldn't listen to what the vets had to say. He wasn't willing to pay to help his dog. They needed to get the baby out but the owner kept saying that it was too expensive and that she would be fine. The vet team was very worried about this dog not getting what she needs, which shows there love for animals. I don't think people should get animals if they aren't willing to do what needs to be done to make them better, you should treat them like family. The man was a breeder who just wanted to make money off of his dogs.

They had to take blood from a little Schnauzer named Ben, he was 9. The vet assistant held the dog still while the vet took blood from his chest. They cooperated well with each other. They then took his temperature and gave him a shot.

They put all important messages and what medicine needs to be ordered on a big white board in the main room area for everyone to see.

They check their appointments on a computer and from a list on the wall, they were very busy today.

A cat who was recently spayed needed a rabies shot. Again the vet assistant calmed the cat down while the vet gave the shot.

They had a pug come in who needed blood work done. When they tried to take some blood, the dog went ballistic. So one...