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Final Essay: Veteran's Education

In the essay "The Veterans are coming! The Veterans are coming!" by Edward F. Palm, the author mentioned that he continued his education by attending school after his Marine duties. Palm directed his messages of the essay toward the students and faculties at colleges on how to allow veterans to feel welcome to the school. Through the usages of his personal stories as a veteran himself, the author can also give advices to future veterans who wish to return to school. In order to present his ideas, Palm relied on his ability to utilize logos, pathos, and ethos appeals to allow audiences to believe in his credibility.

The author used logical appeal to show the audiences the benefits that veterans get after serving the war since 1945. The door of opportunity had open for veterans through the laws of the World War II GI Bill, which allowed tuition fees, books, living allowance.

Moreover, the GI bill also allows veterans to transfer their educational benefits to their spouses or children (Palm 790). With this detail, the author relied on the integrity of the Congress act (GI Bill) to explain that Veterans are encouraged to continue their education after they have finished their duties in the service. By years of serving wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, veterans will get financial supports and many other educational benefits that are given to them as rewards for their service.

Many veterans are allowed to enter the door of education with many benefits. Yet, the author mentioned that veterans who came back from the wars were not "one-hundred percent welcomed" to continue their education in the colleges and universities. The author used emotional appeal to show the audiences how the veterans feel when they go to school. The author stated, "Either way,