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The name of the career that I chose was a veterinarian. I chose this career because I love what veterinarians do for a living and because it is an exciting and rewarding profession. It interests me because you get to work with animals all day and I would love to do something that has to do with animals and science. I think that this career is very interesting. I was drawn to this career because I live on a farm so I was raised around animals my whole life and I just want to have animals as part of my life when I grow up too. I like this career because Doctors of Veterinary Medicine are medical professionals whose primary responsibility is protecting the health and welfare of animals and people.

Veterinarians are animal doctors and they play a major role in the healthcare of pets, livestock, and zoo, sporting, and laboratory animals.

They treat sick and injured animals, provide preventative medical services, and give advice about animal care and breeding to owners (CareerCruising). Some veterinarians use their skills to protect humans against diseases carried by animals and conduct clinical research on human and health problems. Others work in basic research, broadening the scope of fundamental knowledge, and in applied research, developing new ways to use knowledge (Professional and Related Occupations 286). Some work with companies that develop and produce food or drugs to keep animals healthy. Other veterinarians are employed by the government to inspect livestock for diseases, too (CareerCruising).

To be successful in this career, prospective veterinarians should start out by selecting math and science courses in high school. After high school you must complete two to four years of pre-veterinary medicine before applying to veterinary school. Once you are accepted by a Veterinary school, it takes another...