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Feasibility Analysis Technical The goal of the company is to acquire a new software program, either by purchasing a shrink-wrapped package or building a custom one. No new hardware is required because the new system will be implemented on the existing hardware. The Orion Group will provide the technical knowledge required to design the new system. No technical barriers exist; therefore the system is technically feasible.

Economic The new system is needed to provide much considered necessary help to the operation of the company. The company understands their need and knows that the new system will ease operation. They are willing to absorb any cost associated with the development of the project. Such costs include consulting fees, resources, and other intangible costs. The benefits of the system will last for years and outweigh the cost of developing it; therefore the system is economically feasible.

Operational The company has realized that the system, which is currently in place, is no longer sufficient to provide the degree of flexibility, planning and control that is needed to run the facility.

The proposed system will increase organizational flexibility, provide timely information, reduce errors and improve management planning and control. The new system will provide an improved method for scheduling operations in order to better serve customer needs. Thus the system is operationally feasible.

Schedule The timeframe and completion dates for all activities within the project will be coordinated with the company. The company understands that users and support staff will need to be trained on the new system prior to the system's implementation. Training sessions will be scheduled by managers at a time most convenient to the company. No imposed deadline is in place for the completion date of the system, regardless the system should be completed as soon as possible. Once all requirements for the new system have been assessed, a precise schedule will be drawn and followed. There are no foreseeable schedule conflicts; therefore the system is feasible in terms of scheduling.

Legal Considerations Before the implementation of the new system, The Orion Group and the organization will make sure that there are no infringements of any legal rights. If a software package is purchased, the company will acquire the proper licensing rights. There are no known laws, local or federal, that would prevent the development of the proposed system. Any legal matters will be handled through the proper channels. The system is legally feasible.

Anticipated Benefits "¢ Automated scheduling system "¢ Greater planning and control "¢ Faster access to information "¢ Ability to generate various reports "¢ Archival of past operations "¢ Error reduction "¢ Higher level of service to customers