...vibrant love into a sullen hollow."

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Austin's pace slowed as his body grew weary, burning with a numbing fatigue that only paused when he adjusted Lyss' weight, keeping her helpless body sheltered in his blood-freckled arms. It had been raining for hours, and the dark, narrow road carried the burden of the weather with a showing struggle, leaving deep puddles to lie lazily among patches of raised asphalt. Heavy boots sent the calm pools into an eruption of chaos; the falling rain slapping loudly overhead, against the hanging array of leaves. He stumbled from puddle to puddle, splashing slowly down the tree lined road, their full limbs hanging over the glossed asphalt, hiding the moonlit sky from the travelers.

With a second of falter, he crashed to his knees, slamming roughly onto the asphalt, comforting the motionless woman as he numbly absorbed the blow. He looked calmly to her sunburst-blue eyes, she unknowingly returned the sunken gaze of longing and conviction.

They had been better once, living in moments of bright smiles and cheerful laughs, years of flawless love. He missed her already, and although her fading warmth was pressed against his bare torso, he felt no love, only emptiness. He slowly stood, soft tears flowing into the streaming rain as he blinked them from his vision. If I could only walk faster, I could save her, he thought, if I could only make it to help. He tore his eyes from the woman's soft cheek and looked down the abyssal road, forcing his shaking legs to finish pushing him to his feet.

He wondered where they were, trudging aimlessly down the unfamiliar path. It didn't matter where they were, he concluded. He would keep going until they found someone who would help them; who would help restore the vibrant love to those beautiful...