The Vicious Chicken and the Innocent Egg.

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In America, generations have passed down countless heirlooms to modern day generations. Some inheritances are sentimentally valuable antiquities while others are the non-material fabrics that tie our society; our individual foundations of belief. Our freedom of speech allows us individually to debate our personal beliefs amongst each other to meet with common solutions. However, our freedom is the means of many of our debates, ironically debatable through the means of freedom. For example, freedom of speech gives us the right to speak of whatsoever we wish effectively causing debates that have been on going since the beginning of time, like the chicken and the egg. An all too common argument that seems to plague America is violence in the media and its effects on violence in society. On one side of the line people will argue that violence in the media causes violence in society due to the mimicking of what people see or hear through various forms of mass media, but the evidence that people are ultimately the ones to decide on committing violence and the people committing violence are already violent people opposes this argument.

People who argue that violence in media does cause violence in society can support their beliefs based on specific examples of people mimicking what they see or hear through various modes of mass media. An article from explains how a school shooting in Littleton, Colorado spurred an investigation into violence found in certain video games and music ("Hollywood" 1). Similar instances have happened before and will undoubtedly happen again. However, the statement that violence in the media is the cause of violence in society is a bold and untrue statement. The examples of people mimicking violence from movies or any other form of mass media do exist, but the amount of...