Victims of war

Essay by qweryneo June 2004

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War has always been horrible. In WWII, civilians were targets as part of bombing campaigns. Now, not only were the soldiers experiencing the horror of war but the civilians too now involved. This continued throughout the various wars like the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, the War Of Terrorism and now the War In Iraq.

However, I always stop to wonder, why were civilians and soldiers always suffering when the decision to go to war was not theirs. For example, in Vietnam, the US needlessly intervened in a country that was trying to gain independence. It was afraid of the communist in Vietnam and in a effort to stop it, millions of civilians and soldiers died just to get their independence which they eventually got in the end.

In Iraq, it was known at first as a effort to disarm Iraq of "Weapons Of Mass Destruction", however. It later became "A Mission To Liberate The People Of Iraq".

I do not agree that Saddam Hussein was a good leader, on the contrary, I hate Saddam. However what was George Bush really trying to do? Was this a plan of his to gain support from the US people so that he would be seen as a man trying to keep their nation safe?

George Bush has always associated terrorist with Saddam Hussein even without credible proof. Most of the evidence he got before the war as we can see now have all been falsified. And now, he does not want to let the Iraq people choose their government but instead installs his own and even the leader who has caused grievous hurt to Iraq is not allowed to be trailed by the victims.

What are wars really caused by? Who are the real people who are really guilty? At...