Victor Goode "Crisis on the campus: Victor Goode explains what's at stake in the conflict over affirmative action - Colorblind: Higher Education" (articles review)

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In the article of Victor Goode called: "Crisis on the campus: Victor Goode explains what's at stake in the conflict over affirmative action - Colorblind: Higher Education", he reflects the conflict of affirmative action in the life of the American society. Affirmative action appeared as a result of social controversies and inability of the state to provide sufficient solution of that inevitable dilemma. Era of discrimination brought significant sufferings to unprotected groups of society. Thus, the primary objective of affirmative action was to give minorities an equal opportunity at employment and in collegiate admissions. Affirmative action had positive effect on collegiate admissions and employment, however, remained more controversial in college admissions. Indeed, being considered as a disparate treatment for crucial social problem, affirmative action is characterized with critical disparate impact on contemporary society. The implementation of affirmative action was America's first honest attempt at solving a problem, it had previously chosen to ignore.

In a variety of areas, from the quality of health care to the rate of employment, blacks, women, racial and ethnic minorities remained far behind white dominant males. Programs of affirmative action have had significant success in city, state, and government jobs.

In his article Victor Goode mentions that affirmative action procedures were founded to combat racial discrimination. The federal government warranted affirmative action programs to remedy racial disparity and unfairness in a series of steps starting with an executive order issued by President Kennedy. Posterior executive orders, specifically Executive Order 11246 issued by President Johnson in September 1965,during his speech in Howard University, warranted affirmative action aims for all federally funded programs and shifted monitoring and compulsion of affirmative action programs out of the White House and into the Labour Department. Therefore, these procedures and the government act that followed were an answer to the colossal...