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Victorian England Stereotypes

Drunkard. Prostitute. Workhorse. Evil. Thief. All of these words were used to describe the poor in Victorian England. In the novel, "Oliver Twist" by Charles Dickens, the author buried these stereotypes along with many of the novels characters. In Victorian England, people in the upper-class often looked down on the poor, that is if they even noticed them. Charles Dickens was the only author to write based off of the poor's point of view. He never sugarcoated it; he said it as it really was. Oliver twist was judged by many characters due to stereotypes. He was constantly thought of as a horrendous creature. Since Oliver was born poor, he is evil. From the moment of his birth, Oliver was doomed. As he grew older, Oliver was taken in by a gang of thieves, intent on making him one of their own. Since being taken in, Oliver has had many hardships.

He was beaten, falsely accused, and even shot. Since he was poor he was an easy target for abuse. Nancy was a kindhearted soul who was portrayed as an evil character. Nancy was personally my favorite character. Her kind heart and motherly intuition is what saved Oliver's life. Although Nancy was a prostitute you could see that there was much more to her character. Nancy's bravery, kindness and love broke her stereotypes. Nancy was doomed, and she knew this, but she refused to accept any help. She had lived the way she did her entire life, and didn't know anything better. On the other hand, Mr. Bumble was a cruel, heartless man who was stereotyped as a kind, generous, blessed man. Through the eyes of others, Mr. Bumble was the complete opposite of his real self. Mr. Bumble was looked at as a generous...