The Victorian Era

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The Victorian era corresponds with the reign of Queen Victoria in England from 1839 to 1901. The period is beloved for its attention to high morals, modesty and proper decorum, as inspired by the Queen and her husband, Prince Albert. The Victorian era was also an optimistic time in which scientific and industrial invention thrived. Developments in printing produced a proliferation of Victorian scrap art, cards, and magazines. The importance placed on civic conscience and social responsibility engendered notable developments toward gender and racial equality, such as the legal abolishment of slavery in America. In addition, humanitarian and religious organizations such as the Salvation Army reflected the Victorian concern for the poor and needy of the period. For more information on the Victorian era, we offer the following features:

Politics and World Events

Religion and Faith

Science and Technology

The Arts

Victorian Fashions

Victorian Hairstyles

Cooking and Dining in the Victorian Era

Recipes From the Victorian Era

Movies Set During the Victorian Era

Special Events for the Victorian Enthusiast

The Victorian Art of Letter Writing

A Review of Victorian Architecture

Creating a Festive Victorian Table

Decorating Your Christmas Tree in Victorian Fashion

Romantic Quotations from the Victorian Era

The Victorian Language of Flowers

Make a Victorian Tussie Mussie

Create a Victorian Valentine

Host a Victorian Summer Picnic

Tea with Friends: A Victorian Tradition

Take a Victorian Weekend Retreat

Immigration in America from 1880 to 1921

Anti-Asian Sentiment in 19th Century America

Schools of 19th Century Christian Feminism

Hawaii's Crown Princess Victoria Ka'iulani

A Woman of Courage: Harriet Beecher Stowe

Send a Virtual Victorian Greeting

Browse our Avonlea Collection The lavish A&E production, Victoria and Albert, starring Victoria Hamilton and Jonathan Firth relates the legendary romance between the Queen and her husband, Prince Albert.

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