A Victory For Clinton

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Another four years, another new president? The election of 1996 for president

moves closer everyday as the republican Robert Dole, and the president Bill Clinton fight it

out. Far behind and by all means out of the race is Ross Perot. The polls show

Dole-Kemp behind Clinton-Gore, and the results will stay this way for several key reasons.

Clinton will serve another four years as president since Americans know what to expect

from him as president. On several key issues, such as the budget, Dole has provided the

voters with vague ideas on how he will tackle his promises. As three key issues are

examined we find Dole to make claims that can easily be doubted. Clinton's claims and

views are backed up with four years of experience. Clinton's four years as president has

seen a stable economy, and he will try to keep this up for another four years.


balancing of the budget proves to stand as one of the largest issues going into the election.

Dole has talked about putting up 23% of federal spending up for cuts. Dole has

also said he will not touch the areas of social security, defense, interest on the debt,

Medicare, Medicaid, veterans benefits, military pensions, and the Energy Department

research labs with cuts. This means under Dole we would be likely to see cuts in national

parks with the number of rangers, the Border Patrol with fewer agents, the Bureau of

Prisons with fewer prison spaces, NASA with fewer space shuttle flights, the FBI with

fewer agents, drug interdiction with 2,960 fewer DEA agents, and education with fewer

students in Head Start. On the record Dole has suggested cuts in the Energy Department,

and the possibility of also eliminating the Commerce Department. These cuts alone would

not achieve...