The video camera provides such an accurate and convincing record of contemporary life that it has become a more important form of documentation than written records.

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I agree the statement that video camera provides much information as an accurate and convincing record. However, the state is problematic that it's undermine with the function of written records, which is till as an traditional achieve and relative save one, even in the present electronically era.

Video camera has much merit in recording information such as providing vivid image, lively sound and full information in every detail. For instance, at my 18 birthday party, my father gave me a diskrecord as present. Still now, I can remember how impressive and moved I am about that present. That diskrecords all information about my life and father recorded them since I was born and edited them with appropriate music. In it, I heard my first voice called my mom; I see my first step to run though its stumble. It also records my first day to school and my graduation from high school.

All these memory are special for me and without the records I can re-flash them so clearly.

However, sometime the record of video camera would be not convincing, even not to be called as accurate record. As we know, there are numbers of software which can use to edit the electronic information. Take the 'cool editor' for instance, it can cut some of the sound information and combine with another. After some expert work, the original record can be totally different as the edit one. In the condition, how can we trust the diskrecord information?

Moreover, the requirement of rescoring the electronic information is higher than written records. It not only need special instruments such as disk, computer and so on, which are expensive than paper, but it also requires higher quality of the environment...